Visual Art

with Max Gehlofen

Visual Art
Max Gehlofen

Short Biography:

Max Gehlofen is an easy-going, unpretentious guy you enjoy a chat with.  He is unexcited and takes life from the relaxed side. At the same time, however, he has an alert eye for the things around him and looks behind the facades. This attitude is probably what makes his artistic works so interesting and multi-layered. They come across as light-footed and elicit a smile, such as the molding of a car on the ceiling of a Würzburg parking garage entitled "Schwänzchen in die Höh'" ("Tail up") or the reshaping of the monument to poet Friedrich Rückert, who is enthroned there as a "city saint" in an old-fashioned manner on the market square. Max Gehlofen is not afraid of pathetically charged places or objects, he approaches them in order to bring them closer to us again, and one may be curious to see what else he will do with the Old Main Bridge in Würzburg and its statues of saints. Once the bridge was the ceremonial entrance to the residence city of the prince bishops for emperors and kings, today it is the location for the Brückenschoppen ("bridge pint of wine", a quater franconian wine) and the background for tourists' selfies.