Contest 2019

The Creative Contest 2019 "MY EUROPE" is completed. You can find the winners in theTagebuch.

Here you will learn more about the topics of 2019. For 2020 we will change some things. Stay tuned to see what happens next!

About "MY EUROPE"": Things are heating up in Europe right now.  Great Britain has voted for the Brexit,  Extremism and populism are on the rise. Parliament will be elected in 2019. Europe is reorganizing itself. And we are in the middle of it.  It is about our future.  Tell us what you want your Europe to look like?

Your submission should show us what you want your Europe to be like, what you would like to see improved/changed, what is important to you. What are your ideas, your opinion, your suggestions, your wishes? It doesn't matter if it's a picture, photo, video, text, graffiti, poetry slam or song, for example - your submission just has to be authentic, i.e. designed by you personally or by your team and made ready for upload.

Anyone can participate.  


The winners will be determined by jury and likes.

For the participants up to 29 years of age, there will be cash prizes totaling 1,000.00 EUR, a certificate that should not be missing from any application; in addition, a film will be made in which the winners and their work will be presented in a special way.

The 30plus participants will not be competing; however, one of them will be chosen by the jury and the likes.  This favorite will be highlighted with his or her contribution in our final film and presented via our media channels.


  • For the participants up to 29 years old:
    1. Place: 500 EUR, 2. Place: 300 EUR und 3. Place: 200 EUR
  • For the participants of the age group 30plus:
    The winner will be highlighted in the 2019  Review video; the video will be distributed via our social media channels and traditional media.
  • All Winners and selected others:
    Your entries will appear in the 2019 Review video and will be distributed via our social media channels and traditional media
  • For alle Participants:
    Certificate "Creative against extremism, for democracy" for participating in the Democracy Project, - good for any job application portfolio and CV!
  • Everyone wins in the end thanks to your contributions: Europe! The politicians! And each of us! Therefore, THANK YOU for taking part!


Oh and if you need some inspiration, we've made some tutorials you can check out here . Have fun and start creating your work!


  • For participants under 16, parents must sign a declaration of consent for legal reasons, (see Downloads Sorgeberechtigte).
  • Everyone can take part. There is no upper age limit.

Criteria, Jury, Rating

* Under 16-year-olds can participate if the declaration of consent (Zustimmungserklärung) signed by a parent or guardian has been sent to us in advance.

**Criteria for evaluation are not technical or artistic, but rather: What touches? What speaks to me? What challenges me? What intuitively or emotionally ensures that my understanding of the topic addressed is comprehensible / grows / possibly animates me to act...?

Everyone who visits the website and views the posts can give his or her rating in likes. These will be combined into an overall score. No distinction is made between genre groups.

The Jury  is composed of people who support the pics4peace mission and project.

The ratings of the jury and website visitors apply equally. I.e.: The total result of the website visitors and the independent result of the jury are added up and divided by 2. No differentiation is made between the genres.


Why and since when?

pics4peace has been around since December 2017, when we started as an initiative. Since 2018 pics4peace is a non-profit association (e.V.).  The idea and concept came from the former mayor of Würzburg, Dr. Pia Beckmann, who invented and founded pics4peace. It is a multimedia, non-partisan democracy project that wants to encourage young people to help shape their own future. It builds bridges to the decision-makers in our society.


  •     because shaping the future only makes sense with the participation of young people
  •     because a life in peace, freedom and democracy is worth every effort
  •     because young people communicate differently than older people
  •     because those responsible in politics, business and society need to know what moves young people,
  •     because facts and fakes are no longer so easy to distinguish today,
  •     because radical tendencies are on the rise in general, but also among young people,
  •     because there are again people who act openly anti-Semitic
  •     because the weaker members of our society need a strong voice
  •     because discussing the future can even be fun!

pics4peace builds bridges to politics

pics4peace is a bridge to politics. The association organizes the direct dialogue between young people and decision makers. Here counts the rule: No speeches. No taboos. Dialogue at eye level. There are no "unimportant" topics. Every topic that moves young people should be taken seriously!

Creative - online and offline

Forming an opinion and talking about it is often easier for young people with creative means of expression. Hence the access via the diverse artistic forms of expression and via ways that young people use: online and offline through workshops and dialogue events, the results of which are again made available online to everyone.

Contest 2018

Our 2018 competition theme was: "Against extremism, for democracy".

You have shown what ideas you have and what is important to you!  You can see the creative competition entries 2018 here: Tothe 2018 Exhibition

3 prizes, but much more winners
There were cash prizes only for the group of participants up to 29. The evaluation was done by likes and an expert jury.** All participants "30plus" competed out of competition and could be liked. They had the chance to be included in the final documentary film! But also everyone who visits this site and reads our news has won. Because: Your suggestions are a gain for decision makers. They can be guidelines for their decisions. And your entries are a gain for all those who did not know what was on your mind and those who feel strengthened and encouraged by your contributions to also express themselves. So congratulations to you all! You are super!  And of course congrats to all winners! :-)

Prizes 2018:

  •     1st prize: 500 EUR went to Sara, 2nd prize: 300 EUR went to Julia and 3rd prize: 200 EUR went to Romina.
  •     4th - 10th prize: visit to politicians responsible for your issues (from federal or state government), to be able to talk to the decision makers personally about what moves you.
  •     Winners 1 to 10 and selected others: your contributions appear in the final 2018 Review Video and were distributed through our social media channels and traditional media.
  •     For all participants up to 29 years old: certificate of participation in the Democracy Project, good for any job application portfolio and CV
  •     The winner 30plus was Patrick Libéral: You´ll find him and his song in the documentary video 2018.

The winners could do many things with the cash prizes, e.g. also seek support in their creativity:  film/sound studio recording, special software or hardware....

Are you interested?  You can find help or suggestions here: Tutorials