Award for Democracy
"Golden Spot"

Donor: Artist Winfried Muthesius

Within the framework of pics4peace, the Berlin artist Winfried Muthesius developed the sculptural figure GOLDEN SPOT for the awarding of people who are particularly committed to democratic basic rights in their environment.

A spotlight, a spot in gold, is to fall on the people who, with their work and by their example, ensure that values that are indispensable for the peaceful coexistence of people and the preservation of democracy must be worked out anew every day.

Each GOLDEN SPOT is unique and is awarded to the prize winner in recognition and honor of his or her work.

Young Adults Have the First Right of Proposal!

Dear young people!

You know someone who is doing exemplary work for the common good and the functioning of our democracy, for basic democratic rights such as freedom of expression, equality, participation of all, freedom and transparency, who creates democratic structures and involves young people in decision-making? This can be in an institution, in the community, but also in an association.

Often it is people who are not in the spotlight, but who have a positive impact on our society and are exemplary through their example and actions and make an important contribution to democracy, peace and freedom without being seen in a big way.

Write to us about these people! Give us a tip! We would like to award them, so that the public gets to know what is possible, if one only wants!

These are the people on whom we want a future GOLDEN SPOT to fall. In a double sense: A spotlight that - by honoring them with the original GOLDEN SPOT by Winfried Muthesius - puts their work in the center of attention and also presents it to the public in its exemplary effect.

Please send us your proposal, with the name of the person, where he/she is active and a description of what is special and exemplary about his/her activities. We also need your name and age. It would also be nice if you could tell us how you know the suggested person.

Write this to us at, subject "GOLDEN SPOT".

By honoring someone with a GOLDEN SPOT, we want to show exceptional appreciation and recognition for his/her efforts and work.