Luisa Wolf, 31



A 5000 year old tradition, practiced thousands of times a day:
Genital mutilation.

The influx of refugees forces us to deal with it more and more. Every day, 8000 girls worldwide are deprived of their genitals and dignity. Every 11 seconds one of them. In Germany, too, this happens every day. A tightrope walk between our own culture and a new beginning in a foreign country. According to the EU, there are 500,000 genital mutilated girls and women in Europe, and about 35,000 in Germany, according to Terre des Femmes.

My work communicates in 3 levels:
The veiling, society's turning a blind eye, and the profound disregard for human rights that violates women to the core.
I lived in Africa myself for a while. The issue of Female Genital Mutilation has been with me ever since. The more people from Africa come to the EU, the more important it becomes to inform those who are not affected. No one should look away.

"Female genital mutilation is a serious human rights violation from which most women suffer for the rest of their lives."

"We demand that all governments worldwide legally prohibit and actively combat this interference with the integrity of girls and women."

(Christa Stolle, Terre des Femmes)

About the artist

Luisa Wolf

31 Years


Studentin, 2. Semester Informationsdesign

Luisa Wolf, 31


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