Anna Lorey, 30

The Business With Death


While politicians postulate the fight against the causes of flight, the last government has led us to a record of export of arms. Every 14 minutes, a person in the world dies from a German weapon. Paradoxically, we want to achieve more peace with more weapons. The total value of exported arms has increased by 21% in the last 4 years.

Algeria ranks first as an importer of German armaments. Where ultimately our weapons end up is uncontrollable. Small arms are the weapons of mass destruction of the 21st century. Their usage ist foolproof and they are easy to procure. The German G3 assault rifle has, after the Kalashnikov, the largest proliferation worldwide.
Another problem is that armaments do have a long life. In 1991, Germany gave more than 250,000 rapid-fire rifles from GDR stocks to Turkey.

With the mass of small arms already in circulation, simply stopping arms  exports would probably not be a solution for a long time. A shortage of ammunition, however, would render most weapons immediately worthless.

"Peace cannot be maintained by force. It can only be achieved by understanding one another."

(Albert Einstein)

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Anna Lorey, 30

The Business With Death