Lea Wurthmann, 26

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I am concerned with the way we deal with information in our time. With truths and untruths.

Digitization gives us unprecedented access to information. We have the knowledge of all mankind at our disposal and yet we act more unconsciously than ever.

Building up an informed opinion has become a challenge, especially through digital media.
Truths are spread out as loudly as fakes.

Access to tremendous knowledge - which actually could be an opportunity to learn from mistakes - instead often leads to half-truths and radicalism.

To make digitization a source of human wisdom, rather than one of populism and fake news, I have chosen Würzburg's Residenzplatz as a sensitive location for my work.

It was here that the great book burning took place in 1933, the destruction of knowledge and wisdom, of tolerance and freedom of expression.

In order to raise the value of personal and general awareness, to emphasize the value of personal and general consciousness, my object is a book. To be precise, a "Kant-Brevier," edited by Johannes Pfeffer.

Kant, the groundbreaker of human dignity, but also of racial theory, to me is a perfect example of an ambivalent figure who must be known extensively in order to be properly evaluated.

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Lea Wurthmann

26 Years


Studentin, 3. Semester Kommunikationsdesign

Lea Wurthmann, 26

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