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Little is known about Heinrich Fuchs' life. He lived at the Ingolstadt court, in his parents' apartment. At school he failed once, had difficulties doing his job as a locksmith, was sent away from everywhere. Most of the time he seemed to spend sitting at home. He didn’t marry, had no children.

In 1919 he became noticeable for the first time. In the fall of 1923 he visited the psychiatric clinic in Würzburg. He spent the next late summer and the following 15 years in the mental sanatorium in Werneck. In 1939 the Nazis transferred him to Reichenbach, then to Mainkofen, and finally to Hartheim on the T4 transport. There he was executed on the day of his arrival, June 27, 1941.

One of the few findings known to me is that he suffered from delusions, was listless and indifferent, without initiative.

Heinrich Fuchs' way of life was not the result of his illness. It was the judgment of a norm, that killed him, the result of a pathological society. Some foci of illness have disappeared, others have arisen. The patient files fill tables with unknown names. The house in which Heinrich Fuchs lived is now a construction site.

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Anonymus , 27


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