Gertrud Prof. Nolte, 56

"One times One" - Europe will be one


Once it becomes one

Once upon a time
Historically, Europe was divided into individual states, each one was its own jag, a part of the whole, which, however, institutionally did not yet exist.
Here the different parts of the European Star are shown separately.
The message is set in the school handwriting, distributed over the surface. The letters are unconnected, isolated, without a link to a potential further letter.

It will be one some day
Here the single parts are grouped and give a whole, the European Star Banner, in the most stable geometrical form, the circle!
This integrates in the inside the message after the hoped future: The "One times One" as word play with double sense:

  • the multiplication table of growing and working together,

and prospectively for the future,

  • Europe will be and remain one.

Here, once again, the school output script is used, but the letters are connected, as in handwritten writing, so all touch each other and work together.

Also the subline has two possible ways of reading:

  • individually only the white: Together in Europe hand in hand.
  • white and yellow: Together one faith in dignity of the people in Europe  

About the artist

Gertrud Prof. Nolte

56 Years


Grafikdesignerin und Professorin

Gertrud Prof. Nolte, 56

"One times One" - Europe will be one