Patricia Pfeiffer, 28



"Jews", "refugees", "Muslims", "Sinti and Roma", "disabled people", "homosexuals"....
Why are people divided into categories? Why are some people deprived of the status of equal members of society?

Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism and general discrimination - big words that, still and always, big words that, still and always, are anchored in our society, although there is actually no place for them.

The idea of human rights is that all people have the same rights, freedoms and opportunities. If we look at the past, this demand has by no means been applied to all people. It is not enough to demand a tolerant attitude or to write legal texts to fight against any kind of discrimination. Rather, our society needs more understanding, participation and acceptance.

There are no people who are better or worse. We are all equal from the bottom up.

About the artist

Patricia Pfeiffer

28 Years


Gestalterin für visuelles Marketing

Patricia Pfeiffer, 28


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