Irina Smirnov, 30

Abuse of Power


The idea that women were not allowed to vote in Germany three generations earlier is shocking.

Clara Oppenheimer was one of the first women in Würzburg to open her own Doctor’s office and spent her life working to ensure that women had access to higher education. During the National Socialist era, she suffered the same ordeal (torture) as many of her fellow Jews. After defamation, disenfranchisement and deportation, she was murdered in 1943.

Despite the progressiveness of our country, there is a need to catch up in terms of human rights and equality. Especially now, in times of increasing crises in Europe, electoral successes of right-wing groups as well as constant violence against women and minorities, we should strengthen our commitment to them.

The AWO Women's Shelter in Würzburg, for example, offers women affected by violence protection and help.
There, they can gain distance from their violent partner and gain more clarity about their future. The question often comes up, "Isn't there anything more important?" - No! Because abuse of power is not a rare marginal phenomenon even in a Western culture, but shapes the everyday life of many women worldwide. The fight against discrimination is always the prerequisite for a just society.

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Irina Smirnov

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Irina Smirnov, 30

Abuse of Power