Patrick Libéral, 38

Nous restons positifs (We remain positive)


The joint song of MC Libéral feat. Çağıl & Stephan Weidt "Nous restons positifs" was created to create a positive togetherness!

The "Birlikte" festival (solidarity festival on the Keupstrasse in Cologne in regard to the NSU attack), where I performed several times in solidarity, gave the impulse to write this song.

"Time again to raise our voice
against xenophobia, agitation, negative tremors!
In solidarity of the people I rap here,
BIRLIKTE - Together - positivity, my elixir!

It has become cold in this world,
warm the hearts, what holds together,
Take every change as a chance
do not close your mind, that is the danger!
Be open, positive and tolerant,
against the emotional conflagration in the country!

See the freedom of speech threatened,
Satire please do not go, otherwise I see red!
Don't let us get down,
Let's not let freedom be banned
so let's exchange ideas together,
BIRLIKTE - Together - positive straight ahead!"

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Patrick Libéral

38 Years


Musiker, Mediengestalter Bild & Ton

Patrick Libéral, 38

Nous restons positifs (We remain positive)

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