Hanna Kölbl, 31

Fragments of Reality


In Europe, we now live in peace for over 70 years as long as never before. In contrast to our grandparents' generation, war is no longer an acute threat for us young people.
We know the stories of World War II only from schoolbooks or from oral tradition.
Contemporary witness accounts are becoming fewer and fewer.
Therefore, we must develop an awareness among future generations of how valuable and, above all, how fragile peace is.

In our idea of democracy, the dignity of human beings is central, regardless of their skin color, religion, sexual and political orientation or gender.
The idea of a democratic government has spread around the world and the number of democratically governed states is steadily increasing. In Germany, too, we have been living in a democracy since 1949.

My work is meant to remind us how fragile this system is. Even today, we see the remains of the "occupying forces" or the "bringers back of democracy" in decaying barracks grounds. In contrast to the crumbling building fabric, the memories and remembrances should remain. This may raise an awareness of how fragile our system is. This is of special importance, so that our and also following generations do not repeat these mistakes.

Just because we are not at war does not mean we are at peace.


About the artist

Hanna Kölbl

31 Years


Selbständige Grafikdesignerin

The artist about democracy and peace

Nur weil wir nicht im Krieg sind, sind wir noch lange nicht im Frieden.

Hanna Kölbl, 31

Fragments of Reality

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