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It's about Zeitgeist, moral courage, the future and all the stuff that moves us when 23 people aged 80 and over meet 23 schoolchildren aged 14/15 in Würzburg on July 19, 2023.

At first glance, the realities of life for young and old people don't have much to do with each other. But many life questions are equally relevant to old and young people: What is important to me in life? What about the war in Ukraine? What worries are driving me? What do I do when I feel lonely? What makes me happy? What is friendship? What is love? Am I valuable? What are my strengths? Where and how can I contribute them? Where do I see myself in 5 years? What do I want from the future? What can I do for it myself?

In the workshop, which is led by our chair Pia Beckmann, young and old explore such questions. Together, the students of the Gerbrunn secondary school will experience in exercises, in familiar one-on-one conversations, in working groups of four, what it is like to exchange ideas with someone who grew up three generations away from you. For the older people, too, the gain in knowledge will certainly be great. There will be time for fun, eating and drinking together, and a surprise song by a student from the Pestalozzi School in Würzburg. We are already very excited about what is to come. LUA, the young artist, is also looking forward to it and wants to participate in the workshop herself.

A film team will accompany the workshop. Afterwards, the content we record will be published via social media so that it can be used for educational work and generational dialogue.

The organizers are pics4peace e.V. and youngcaritas. The workshop takes place as part of the annual program "Generations in Dialog" of the city of Würzburg and the senior citizens' representation.

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